2024 Long-term capital markets outlook

Mackenzie’s Orange Book provides expectations for the average return for equities and fixed income over the coming decade.

Our firm’s optimal size and nimbleness allows us to provide specialized solutions, through a multi-boutique structure and distinct investment philosophies, while benefiting from the stability & scale of a global asset management solutions provider.

Featured Insights

Finding profitability in pursuit of Net Zero.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge we face as a species. In the ambitious push for Canada to achieve Net Zero by 2050, investors are demanding more sustainable solutions from policymakers. 

The $2.5 Trillion Window for Diversification and Opportunity

In this article, Institutional Investor speaks with Greenchip Financial about their approach to investing and how they’ve developed a keen sense for spotting value in the companies the strategy invests in.

Featured Strategies

Take advantage of sustainable opportunities.

While sustainable equities are seeing huge growth, less is known about fixed income opportunities. We break down sustainable bond options.

Emerging Markets All Cap Equity

We seek to provide long-term capital appreciation by applying a quantitative, bottom-up stock selection investment process, based on fundamental insights, to a broad emerging market universe.

Global Environmental Equity

The Mackenzie Greenchip Team believes that as resource and environmental issues become more challenging, prices will be forced to adjust and strong “blue chip” companies operating in the green economy will be in great demand. Having focused exclusively on environmental sectors (Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Clean Technology, Sustainable Agriculture, Water Treatment and Sustainable Transportation) for over a decade, we have a deep knowledge of these sectors and are confident that through our sustainability thesis, combined with a proven value discipline, we can continue to pursue superior returns for our investors. We apply intensive due diligence and only hold stocks when we see significant discounts to intrinsic value.


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